Rajesh Kumar Agrawal

Message from the President

Unlocking Nepal's potential through collaborative partnerships, igniting economic growth for a prosperous future.

In our relentless pursuit of economic growth, the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) acknowledges the power of collaboration. We understand that industrial development is crucial for Nepal's prosperity. CNI is dedicated to fostering closer partnerships with the Government, Political Parties, Private Sector, Civil Society, Development Partners, and all stakeholders who share our vision. Together, we will propel Nepal towards a prosperous future, where industrial growth permeates every corner of our nation, benefiting each and every individual.

The Top of its class Confederation for businesses

The Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) is a professionally led manufacturing and service sector industry centered apex body of the large and medium scale industrial community of Nepal. It has a membership base consisting of nearly all of the big corporate houses of Nepal, Nepalese blue-chip companies, joint venture companies etc. spread across a wide and diversified spectrum constituting sectors related to manufacturing, information, communication and entertainment, banks and financial institutions, insurance, travel tourism and hospitality, utilities, infrastructure and construction etc.

Member Service Cell

Confederation of Nepalese Industries–CNI has been continuously helping its member manufacturing and service industries in evolving and adapting to a rapidly changing political-economic landscape in the country. It works closely with Government and related agencies on policy issues and industrial development matters. It offers member industries with a wide range of specialized services in order to enhance efficiency; build competitiveness and expand opportunities. We understand that our members need support during challenging times in their respective industries and policy related areas. So, we will be offering exclusive members services under newly formed "Membership Cell" to cover special member's concerns and issues. These services are available to anyone who has been a member of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries –CNI.

Service and format of solutions

1. Receiving the issues and problems online or in written format
2. Registration of the received issues and concerns
3. Discussion on registered issues with experts and specialized committee within CNI.
4. Discussed issues will then be submitted to the respective Government agencies. Member can accompany with us at Government and related agency.
5. Finally, we will share possible solutions with logical conclusions with our valued member.


To play a lead role in making the country's industrial sector vibrant, resilient as well as globally competitive and to promote an investment-friendly environment to achieve a sustainable double-digit economic growth.


The primary working area of CNI includes encouraging positive competition and competent management among the industries, promoting domestic and foreign investment and creating employment opportunities in the country's industrial and corporate sectors.


To provide meaningful policy inputs to the government in the area of industrial development, investment and export promotion, trade facilitation, industrial relation being a "Think Tank" of country's economic and industrial sector.

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Swadeshi Initiative

The 'Swadeshi Movement' is a national movement that has been working towards empowering domestic manufacturers and improving their standards of living. The movement aims to provide substantial growth in the national GDP and make the Nepalese economy more self sufficient. It would reduce our dependence on imported goods from foreign countries in order to fulfil our citizen's needs.

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