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CNI has been continuously helping its member in evolving and adapting to a rapidly changing economic landscape in the country. We work closely with Government and related agencies on member's concerns and issues relating to industrial development and Investment policy issues. We offer member industries with a wide range of specialized services in order to enhance efficiency; build competitiveness and expand opportunities.


Certificate of Origin

CNI has been issuing the Certificate of Nepalese Origin to its members and other exporters engaged in exports of various products from Nepal. CNI has also been represented in the Certificate of Origin- Technical Committee at Department of Industries, Ministry of Industries, Commerce and Supplies. 


Documentation and Information Centre

CNI is equipped with important information related to trade and industry both in Nepal and at the international level. The centre’s collection is updated regularly with trade directories, publications, journals and articles. 


Foreign Trade/Information Division

CNI has been actively coordinating information needs of its members and other users and addressing their query on industrial matters. 



CNI has been publishing its monthly newsletters which carries information on its activities and issues related to the economy. CNI publishes quarterly "Industry Status Report" (ISR) which is based on the panel data of its members. CNI also publishes the yearly "Chronicle" depicting the overall economic picture of the country, which also highlights the important events/activities initiated by CNI throughout the year.


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Swadeshi Initiative

The 'Swadeshi Movement' is a national movement that has been working towards empowering domestic manufacturers and improving their standards of living. The movement aims to provide substantial growth in the national GDP and make the Nepalese economy more self sufficient. It would reduce our dependence on imported goods from foreign countries in order to fulfil our citizen's needs.

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